Pre-Order! Code a Fully Functional Airbnb App with Google Flutter

Start an empire with your first advanced app for Android & iOS with Dart and Firebase. Build an app from scratch for your startup!

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Code a Fully Functional Airbnb App with Google Flutter

Start an empire with your first advanced app for Android & iOS with Dart and Firebase. Build an app from scratch for your startup!

Are you looking to enhance your career by learning a coding language? Do you want to build an app but don't know where to start? Or you are seeking a side hustle that will finally give you the freedom and flexibility you've been searching for? If so, Code a Fully Functional Airbnb App with Google Flutter is for you!

Learn Flutter from Scratch to a Fully Functional App

A beginner prototype with more complex apps to followA beginner prototype with more complex apps to follow

This masterclass will take you step by step through building a complete app clone of one of the biggest apps of the year. If you’ve ever tried to build an app in Xcode for iOS and then re-built it in Android Studio for Android, you’ll see how revolutionary Google Flutter is.


Inside this course you will learn how to:

  • Build real-world applications cross-platform simultaneously for iOS and Android
  • Build wireframes for various pages in a user experience.
  • Develop frontend user interfaces.
  • Use backend databases with Firebase
  • Add user authentication.
  • Code in the Dart programming language
  • Display profiles, vacations, bookings, and calendars.
  • And more topics. Just keep reading.

Are you ready to become an expert in a technology supported by Google? Look no further.

The biggest struggles we hear from people like you who can’t get past the first step:

  • You don’t know the best technology to build your app
  • You can’t find a complete curriculum to learn in your free time
  • You get overwhelmed with the process of building a huge project

The team at Mammoth Interactive is here to take these problems from your hands once and for all.

An example of Flutter's interfaceAn example of Flutter's interface
Level 1: Introduction to App Development TechnologyLevel 1: Introduction to App Development Technology
A prototype of the Simple Calculator Project you'll build.A prototype of the Simple Calculator Project you'll build.
A prototype of the Image Guesser prototype you'll build.A prototype of the Image Guesser prototype you'll build.

In Level 1, you'll learn about what Flutter is and how to use it. You will explore the Dart language used to create apps with Flutter. We will also explore various components of the Flutter ecosystem and use these widgets to create a couple of simple apps.

Level 2: Build an Airbnb App User InterfaceLevel 2: Build an Airbnb App User Interface

In Level 2, you’ll learn to make the wireframes of each of the pages within your Airbnb app. You'll build a simple UI for each of the pages and add appropriate page transitions so that by the end, you will be able to navigate around the apps and get a sneak preview of what each of the pages will look like.

Most of the pages here will deal with displaying posts, profiles, and bookings. Note that we will use fake data for this portion and add our own data later!

Level 3: Building the Airbnb BackendLevel 3: Building the Airbnb Backend

Level 3 is all about writing the database used in our app. Learn about how to use Firebase to store and retrieve data, among other things. You will plan out how our database will be structured. Then you'll add user authentication with Firebase and store extra data in the database. Finally, we will look at how to access the database from within the app and store data.

Level 4: Integrating Frontend and BackendLevel 4: Integrating Frontend and Backend

In Level 4, you'll integrate the new database with the UI that you built previously. Here you will fetch and display posts, profiles, trips, bookings, etc. This will involve building custom views and using them to display the loaded data, thus populating our pages properly.

Level 5: Implementing Final Functionality for the AppLevel 5: Implementing Final Functionality for the App

You will add the final functionality in Level 5. This is where you'll implement any complex features essential to the Airbnb app and add in the finishing touches.

Help us raise more, and we'll help you build more!Help us raise more, and we'll help you build more!

In 2018, customers spent over $100 billion on mobile software and services. Anyone from a beginner to experienced programmer has the biggest opportunity than ever before to build apps for the App Store and Google Play.

Release your first app, launch a startup, or learn to code with an impressive portfolio. All it takes is this course.

  • You’re new to app development or want to improve how you build by learning the most trending framework
  • You want to become a cross-platform app developer
  • You have ideas for apps and want to learn how to put them into reality
  • You want to learn to code with clean and efficient technique
  • You appreciate support, motivation, and like to be guided through the learning process with no time wasted every step of the way.
  • You want to design, create and publish a real-world app to sell
  • Not on this list? Shoot us a comment/message, and we’ll answer any of your questions.
  • NO programming experience is required
  • Flutter is free, and we will show you how to install it.
  • A computer with an Internet connection. This course is suitable for both Mac and PC.
About Team MammothAbout Team Mammoth

Team Mammoth is passionate about teaching the world to code. We live and breathe e-learning!

We’re dedicated to creating efficient courses that teach the real-world skills of the future. We make sure anyone can take our courses regardless of experience. Whether you want to start a new hobby or change careers, we have a fun and straightforward course for you at an affordable price.

Our mission is to teach the world to codeOur mission is to teach the world to code

Our passion for programming shows throughout the entire course, and it's our hope that you find programming joyful and valuable.You’ll be building an app for everyone you know, whether they use Android or iOS.

We believe (have proof through our outstanding students) that anyone can learn to code. If you know how to build apps, you’ll be ahead of the game in the long run as technology continues to be more important in every industry. You can have a stable and sound career or unleash your hidden talents with a side hustle.

You don’t need to spend years learning. With us you can learn in one course to develop your first app. You never know, your app could explode and change your life.

This course will open many doors for you, especially if you are looking to becoming a full-fledged app developer.

Team Mammoth

Read reviews from our communityRead reviews from our community

We're offering a 90% discount for our Complete Sketch UI For Beginners: App Design From Scratch course. This course is your guaranteed guide to high quality design and prorotyping.

We will have a massive project where we build the user interface for a beach-themed surf app from start to finish. You will learn how to wireframe apps and make your own libraries. You will create dynamic user interface elements. You will make numerous pages for an application, including the landing page, log-in page, main page, settings page, and user list page. You will build an app icon. We even cover exporting and prototyping.

Promoting your app is a crucial part if you want to make money as an app developer. We'll show you how to build a beautiful landing page to display your app. And more!

If you want to learn a programming language used by the likes of YouTube and Instagram, grab this add-on while supplies last: Ultimate Python Beginner Course. Learn to code today!

This course does not assume any level of experience and is therefore perfect for beginners! We will cover basic programming concepts for people who have never programmed before. This course covers key topics in Python and coding in general, including variables, loops, and classes. Moreover, you will learn how to handle input, output, and errors.

To learn how to use Python, you'll make your own functioning Blackjack game! In this game, you will receive cards, submit bets, and keep track of your score. By the end of this course, you'll be able to use the coding knowledge you gained to make your own apps and environments in Python.

We're offering access to The Deep Learning Masterclass: Classify Images with Keras, anepic masterclass on Keras (and so much more) with our #1 data scientist and app developer Nimish Narang, creator of over 20 Mammoth Interactive courses and webinars.

Follow the progression of this meticulously curated course especially designed to take any absolute beginner off the street and make them a data modeler.

These hot topics are in high demand in the market. If you can use this new technology to your advantage you are pretty much guaranteed a job. Everyone is desperate for employees with these skills.

This add-on includes all previous add-ons, as well as our popular Introduction to React and Redux! Code Web Apps in JavaScript.

Do you want to learn to build beautiful, well-functioning web apps? Choose this add-on to get started. In this course you'll find:

  • A no-nonsense teaching style that is guaranteed to get your feet wet in React, JavaScript, Redux, CSS, Webpack, and XML.
  • Hands-on tutorials (with lots of code) that to get you started building real projects that you can put in your web development portfolio
  • Practical examples that present useful examples you can clone for your own web apps.

You'll be getting a HUGE deal by going with any reward that includes Hello Coding: Anyone Can Learn to Code. This series has five levels that take you through a holistic curriculum of developing web apps, apps, games and artificial intelligence.

In Hello Coding you'll hit all these skills to add to your resume or LinkedIn:

  • Learn how programming languages have evolved to produce the most commonly used ones today.
  • Become familiar with the 3 primary web languages: HTML, CCS, and JavaScript.
  • Apply your knowledge by building a landing page and modular website alongside your instructor.
  • Make a site that you can easily manipulate to design websites for yourself or clients!
  • Use the Java language to make an app for Android.
  • Use Swift and Xcode to make an app for the iPhone.
  • Build with Unity - free software that allows you to make 2D and 3D games.
  • Use Photoshop for image editing and making graphics.
  • Learn Blender - free software for making high-quality 2D and 3D art even if you can't draw.
  • Design with Illustrator - the most popular computer application for making vector graphics.
  • Learn how to navigate Python and its frameworks with practical examples.
  • Use TensorFlow for artificial intelligence and automation.

We from Mammoth Interactive are here to tell you that your Android and iOS apps can become smarter, stronger and more convenient thanks to machine learning. Better yet, we’ll show you how to build your very own intelligent software that grows with you.

Choose this add-on to get (alongside Hello Coding) our 50-hour bundle Mobile Machine Learning: The Complete Masterclass.

Skills you'll add to your resume:

  • Python: Flexible and comprehensive, Python is an easy-to-use language that we will use to write powerful machine learning programs and other scripts.
  • Java: Object-oriented and reliable, Java is one of the most widely-used languages and has been the choice language of Android applications for years.
  • Swift: Java made easier - Swift has leaped in popularity and is now the choice language for iOS applications due to its flexibility and ease of use.
  • PyCharm: Write, compile and run Python code in one convenient location.
  • Android Studio: Build Android apps by providing both graphical and programming interfaces for front and back end functionality.
  • Xcode: Navigate the iOS equivalent of Android Studio.
  • Keras: This higher level framework built upon TensorFlow makes model construction simpler but less flexible.
  • TensorFlow: Allows us to build computational graphs & neural networks and perform intense tasks like training and optimizing models with ease.
  • Android Neural Networks: Underlying API to communicate between TensorFlow models and the code we write.
  • TensorFlow Mobile: Builds on Android neural networks API and is optimized for performance and efficiency on mobile devices.
  • TensorFlow Lite: A further optimized version of TensorFlow Mobile.

Pick this bundle to get the two bundles above and the one-of-a-kind Coding For Parents: Build Education Apps (20 Hours.)

Not a lot of education apps are being produced. Being niche, these apps can make you passive income. The average quality of educational apps is low. If you produce an amazing app, it will stand out.

Choose this reward level to get Wall Street Coder: Anybody Can Learn to Code and Trade, one of the most interesting and complete courses we've created so far.

Wall Street Coder will guide you through everything you need to know to use Python for Finance and Algorithmic Trading. We'll start off by learning the fundamentals of Python and proceed to learn about machine learning and Quantopian.

Choose this add-on to get a lifetime of learning web development, graphic design, app development, game design, data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence with no extra fees, ever.

We're pleased to offer licensing to your team of up to 1,000 copies of Code a Fully Functional Airbnb App with Google Flutter. This special offer requires a 1-time payment and no subscriptions.

Flutter - This is an extremely trending framework for app development that gives you a rich set of pre-built and pre-styled wireframing widgets. You can use these to compose user interfaces and implement functionality. Flutter is a SDK providing the tooling to compile...

Dart - With one language you can compose user interfaces and build beautiful native mobile apps in no time. No previous coding experience or Android or iOS development experienceis needed because the whole idea behind Flutter is to require only one language. And to triple the efficiency...

Firebase - Write essentially serverless applications, with an application code base requiring almost no server-side code at all when compared to a traditional REST-based application. You’ll be able to query your database directly from the client and even directly modify data straight from the client in a secure way.

Your startup starts hereYour startup starts here

Start a Startup with Your First App

Are you entrepreneurial and yearning to build the next big thing? This course will help you get up and running with your coding business. You can freelance and start a side hustle developing apps for yourself or clients.

Save money you’d use on coding bootcamps

This project is equivalent to what you’d get at an expensive $20,000 coding bootcamp. Instead you can watch this course from your home and get the same training and product as a bootcamp.

Your Instructor

Nimish Narang
Nimish Narang

Nimish Narang is Mammoth Interactive's lead mobile app developer specializing in both iOS and Android. Primarily a coder, he also is an avid trader.

Since 2011, 600,000 students have joined Mammoth Interactive around the world. Our courses have been featured on many websites such as Venture Beat, Expert Dojo and Cult of Mac.

Mammoth Interactive has released 185+ courses with expert advice from CEO John Bura. John has been programming since 1997 and teaching since 2002. He brings a unique perspective with years of experience of teaching and real word experience running a software company.

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