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  Student Showcase

We at Mammoth Interactive love hearing when you use what you learned in our courses to publish your own games. RTK3 Games is out with a new arcade game made in Construct.

Intergalactic Zoo is a plat-former game for kids where you try and collect all the gems before time runs out. Collect those gems in quick enough time to unlock a small present, a large present and/or a key to help rescue the Mama animals. Save the mama animals to go to bonus level to save the babies.

- 5 Characters to choose from
- 25 Levels
- 5 themes for the players to discover
- Text screens have voice over for younger gamers who cannot read yet
- Great Background Music
- Local High Score Save

We hope this inspires you to start a new game with Mammoth Interactive. If we’ve helped you make a project, let us know on Twitter/Facebook. We’d love to feature you!