Access this masterclass via the included bundle of courses. 

Recommended order:

Level 1 - Introduction to Excel

  1. Introduction to Excel

Level 2 - Advanced Excel

  1. Excel Functions Mastery Course
  2. Introduction to PivotTables in Excel
  3. Excel Charts and Visualization
  4. Excel Financial Analysis

Level 3 - Excel Programming

  1. Beginners Excel VBA
  2. Intermediate Excel VBA
  3. Python for Absolute Beginners and All Ages
  4. Automate Excel Files with Python OpenPyXL
  5. Web Automation with Selenium Python

Level 4 - Amazon Honeycode

  1. The Ultimate Amazon Honeycode Guide: Build 7 Apps

Level 5 - Data Science and Machine Learning

  1. Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners

Level 6: Stocks with Excel, Python and Machine Learning

  1. Data Science with Stocks, Excel and Machine Learning