Coding for Parents and Teachers: Build Education Apps (20 Hours)

Build your first app and inspire kids. Make education games with coding & artificial intelligence. This academy of tutorials is perfect for beginners.

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The mobile app market will be worth $188.9 billion in 2020. The market is just begging for you to make an app. Not a lot of developers make education apps, so there is less supply.

If you build an education app that helps a group of people, the chances of big success are higher than a regular app’s. Everyone in that group will share your app and provide an audience.


The Best Coding Course: Make Your First Education App

Build education games with coding & artificial intelligence. Learn to program step by step in this academy of tutorials for beginners.

Not a lot of education apps are being produced. Being niche, these apps can make you passive income. The average quality of educational apps is low. If you produce an amazing app, it will stand out.

We at Mammoth Interactive take anyone with no experience and show you step by step how to finish a project.

We teach you the functional (coding) and design (art) sides of the process, so you are a well-rounded app and game developer. We’ve been making online courses since 2011, with over 600,000 students in 186 countries.

Sneak Peek

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Stay at home parents

Chances are, if your child is having problems or struggling with a certain area, tens of thousands of kids have the same problem. As you solve this problem, you can make passive income from App Store sales. If you child is succeeding at school, you can get them to learn ahead. You can make an app that challenges them.

Anyone who wants to build apps for kids.

By using your spare time to create apps for your kids, you will strengthen your bond with them. The best part is you can help other parents and other kids with this problem too. If you’re using your spare time to improve yourself, you’ll be a strong role model for your kids.

If you child is succeeding at school, you can get them to learn ahead. You can make an app that challenges them. If your child has a learning disability you can make apps to help them.

John and Dyslexia: Inspired to Make Games

Our CEO John Bura had dyslexia growing up, and if there was an app out there that could help him succeed more in school, he’d have been grateful. Now it’s your turn to make the next app to help the world.


Crush Your New Year's Resolution: Code Educational Apps


  • Learn why you should build apps for your kids or kids you know or for some need.
  • Learn about passive income and how you can maximize your spare time by learning a new in demand skill, helping your child, helping other kids, and making some money on the side.


  • Learn how Construct 3 works.
  • Understand why Construct 3 is the best place for beginner game developers to start.
  • Learn how C3 differs from the rest of the topics in this course bundle.
  • Make a beginner game from zero to hero.
  • Add artificial intelligence (AI) to improve learning.
  • Learn how to implement art and assets.


  • Learn how to build a simple education game in Unity.
  • Learn the ins and outs of coding and Unity’s workflow.


  • Learn an easy way to make cross-platform apps.
  • Learn all about creating apps with code in more detail than any YouTube tutorial.
  • Understand the differences between games and apps. Each serves a different purpose, down to the design and usability aspects of your project.


  • Learn how to make minimalist and clean designs for your apps and games.

Mammoth interactive is the only company that decides that art creation is as important as code creation. Because if you are making an app by yourself, it’s easier for you to make the art for the app than to outsource it or have a friend do it. Your app will be in the store and hands of customers much quicker if you learn these basic steps.

Your Instructor

John Bura
John Bura

John has been programming since 1997 and teaching since 2002. He has been contracted by many different companies to provide game design, audio, programming, level design and project management.

To this day John has contributed to 40 commercial games. Several of the games he has produced have risen to the Top 10 in the Apple's App Store.

His expertise is in e-learning, entrepreneurship, programming, software development, and game development. He is also a new father of two kids.

Mammoth Interactive is a leading online course provider in everything from learning to code to becoming a YouTube star. Mammoth Interactive courses have been featured on Harvard’s edX, Business Insider and more.

Over 11 years, Mammoth Interactive has built a global student community with 1.1 million courses sold. Mammoth Interactive has released over 250 courses and 2,500 hours of video content.

Founder and CEO John Bura has been programming since 1997 and teaching since 2002. John has created top-selling applications for iOS, Xbox and more. John also runs SaaS company Devonian Apps, building efficiency-minded software for technology workers like you.


"Captivating voice, easy to follow at a rapid pace, get some paper and fasten your seat-belts. I'm enjoying every second of this. Literally, I bought this course for specific lectures of the Python + Tensorflow aspects, and after 2 hours I already know way more than after 10 hours of the Zero-to-Deep-Learning." - Philip Murray, Machine Learning: Build Apps & Predictions & Analyze Data

"This course is a great way to get introduced to coding and bringing the game together from a full SLDC stance. The instructors are responsive, and the Q&A sections are extremely helpful. 100% worth the time invested to learn through this course." - Derek Hass, Unity & Blender Masterclass: Make a 3D Zenda Game

"Incredible course. Looking forward for more content like this. Thank you and good job." - Joniel Gallo, Predict fraud with data visualization & predictive modeling

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